29 Feb

Great post!

Now, I totally understand that we do not go to the gym dolled up like toddlers in tiaras (even though sometimes so go-go juice is needed) and trust me I am not one to be overly concerned about my appearance while at the gym. I am there to sweat. However I have noticed that women tend to use their hair and or skin as an excuse not to go to the gym or that women that are often at the gym rock an everlasting pony tail and no make-up base even outside the gym, both wrongwrongwrong. (Unless your life is fitness and then…well fantastic.)

No one asked me to write this, but consider it a PSA for the women of the world.

Okay, so to repeat, we are at the gym to sweatsweatsweat and burn off those beers and nachos, or wine and cheese if you are the classy type…

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