Food for Hair

23 Feb


Glamour Buzz


List of Food for Healthy Hair

  • Salmon

Salmon is a wonderful food for healthy hair. Eating salmon, which is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, will work wonders in supporting a healthy scalp. A deficiency in omega-3’s can increase your chances for developing a dry scalp, which will make for dull and lifeless hair. Salmon is also high in protein, as well as vitamin B-12 and iron. If you would rather not eat salmon, you can sprinkle ground flaxseed on your food as a substitute.


  • Dark green vegetables

Dark green vegetables are also great food for healthy hair. Spinach, broccoli, and swiss chard are all wonderful examples of dark green vegetables to eat for a luscious head of hair. These vegetables are high in vitamins A and C, which are needed by your body to make sebum, a substance made by your hair follicles that acts as a natural…

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