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29 Feb
29 Feb

Great post!

Now, I totally understand that we do not go to the gym dolled up like toddlers in tiaras (even though sometimes so go-go juice is needed) and trust me I am not one to be overly concerned about my appearance while at the gym. I am there to sweat. However I have noticed that women tend to use their hair and or skin as an excuse not to go to the gym or that women that are often at the gym rock an everlasting pony tail and no make-up base even outside the gym, both wrongwrongwrong. (Unless your life is fitness and then…well fantastic.)

No one asked me to write this, but consider it a PSA for the women of the world.

Okay, so to repeat, we are at the gym to sweatsweatsweat and burn off those beers and nachos, or wine and cheese if you are the classy type…

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29 Feb

Ashley Nicole Fashion

Here are the red carpet ensembles that I liked the most:

My vote for the best dressed is a tie between Jessica Chastain and Maria Menounos. 🙂

Who were your favorites?

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29 Feb

To Blonde and Beyond...

So despite what you may hear, I’m not a completely boring person. I enjoy a little a lot of excitement in my life. I also enjoy going off the deep end getting a little crazy once in a while with clothes, makeup and hair.

I have always been obsessed with adding colour to my hair. I think it started with the koolaid trend in elementary school. A few years ago I had a purple piece on the underside of my hair that had a peek-a-boo effect. But in the long run, the constant bleaching and re-dying was too damaging. One of my best friends and I have also been known to use the clip-in synthetic flourescent pink plasticky hair! (gross I know) At the time we thought we looked sooooo good! Thank goodness it was a costume party because we were a hot mess and the look definitely lacked a little class!

hairNo this is not…

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29 Feb
29 Feb

p r e t t y . y u m m y . t h i n g s

Who watched the Oscars? I don’t LOVE award shows. There is too much talking and and ooh-ing and trailer-ing and not enough Melissa McCarthy.

But, I love watching the red carpet coverage to see what everyone is wearing.

Anyway, Michael Dueñas from Hair Room Service gave me some tips on how to recreate that red carpet hair.
(He’s pretty legit – he’s worked with Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Yoko Ono, the cast of GLEE, InStyle, WWD, US Weekly, Glamour, Elle, Allure and People)
You can bet your butt I’m going to give these a try the next time I go to… um… something fancy.

Trend #1 – hot hot hot Buns
Michael says: All the buns have one thing in common, they all began their lives as ponytails. To achieve Emma Stones twisted bun: Simply gather the hair into a tight ponytail with a deep side parting. Separate the ponytail…

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29 Feb

Lonely Wife Project

Did you guys see Adele in this month’s issue of Vogue? I can’t stop staring at her eye makeup…or her bosom. But, per usual, people are making a fuss about how Photoshopped the images are. Seriously, if I was going to be featured in the best magazine on earth, I would demand they make my skin look glowy and my waist look teeny and my breasts look perky. Do you agree or take me for a shallow ho?

Read the article and see the rest of the images here.

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